Transcripts are an essential part of the legal process and have been produced from many forms over the years such as pen writers, mask writers, transcription from taped recording and stenotype writers. However, whatever the type of process, reporters always strive to do the most accurate job possible. Our firm is no exception. We start with our abbreviated writing which increases our speed and brevity, also known as a form of shorthand, and finish with editing and proofreading for the best verbatim record.

Our reporters have the capability of delivering the following:

  • E-Transcripts (ptx)
  • Signed pdfs
  • ASCII (txt)
  • Condensed Transcripts
  • Concordance (Word Index)

Please fill out as much as possible, and we will call or email you to confirm within 24 hours of submission.

Orders not confirmed via e-mail by Regency Reporting are not considered ordered.