Our office is a full-service court reporting firm. Our court reporters cover a wide range of different scenarios – sometimes with no knowledge of the subject matter. For that reason, it is helpful that we are up-to-date on current national and local events. If there are words to be said and a transcript is needed, we are up for the challenge.

The following is a list of the majority of services we provide:
  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Videography
  • Board Meeting
  • Language Interpreters
  • Pro Bono Reporting
  • 341 Meetings
  • Daily Transcripts
  • Scheduling/Networking
  • Audio/Video Transcription
  • Rough Drafts
  • IMEs
  • EUOs
  • Sworn Statement/Unsworn Statements
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Web-Conferencing


Realtime technology is the ultimate tool necessary to assist you in the preparation of daily transcripts. In trial situations it is an asset in the questioning of witnesses and in preparing expert witnesses for their testimony.   The software we offer is LiveNote. When scheduling your proceeding, please let us know if you require a realtime reporter.


As the business world is now easily crossing state lines and national lines on a daily basis to get its work done, the need for locations outside of your home base is increasing rapidly. We have a network of reporters and reporting firms which we call on a regular basis if a job is out of our reach at any particular time. Call us to make those connections for you. We match you with reliable reporters and/or conference space, and your assistants don’t waste their valuable time.


Our owner, Chere Barton, is a past Volunteer/Case Coordinator of the Guardian Ad Litem program in Tampa from 1988-1998. After opening RRS in 1997 she was unable to devote the time necessary to continue participating in the GAL program. However, we found a different way to help by discounting our reporting services for any attorneys who are working on pro bono cases. We encourage you to call us and schedule any proceedings connected with your pro bono work to help us all save on the costs.


Our videographer has been producing legal video products for 30 years and has a team of the very best in the industry. Rick Spector, CLVS, CME of Rick Spector & Associates has a vast knowledge of every aspect of video production.


Along with our responsibilities in court and depositions, we receive many requests to transcribe testimony or meetings from taped recordings, CDs or DVDs. Some courtrooms use a digital recording device in the place of reporters and the recordings have to be typed up for the attorneys, so we serve as court transcribers. Perhaps a statement of a witness is tape recorded by a police investigator or a council meeting or a shareholder meeting is taped and needs to be transcribed. Our reporters have lots of experience in this area. Please call us if this is something we can help with.